I’ve been homeless for seven-months and life is good, mostly.

Okay, okay, technically I still have a home. There just happens to be a stranger from Texas living in it and I’ve been roaming with nothing but what I can carry for over seven months now. What a journey!

This story started in December after a rushed move and complete mental breakdown in a Jacksonville, Florida REI parking lot.

Between all of the feels, low blood sugar, dog bites, rabies shots, sewage water in the mouth and many other misadventures, that was not the last day that ended in tears.

Unfortunately, I’ve done such a crap job telling my stories that some of my family members don’t even know where I’m living, and to be honest, some days I forget myself — a side effect of being in 6 countries in as many weeks. And other people seem to think that my life is picture perfect just because I take a decent snapshot.

Long term travel is hard, ya’ll, and this isn’t a damn vacation. Yes it IS one of the best years of my life and the most rewarding thing I’ve done for myself. It can also be a daily struggle to fulfill basic needs. Like shopping for a dress that fits my curves in Asia, using international sign language to communicate with a pharmacist in Italy or finding trash bags in Portugal.

I’ll be filling you in on the last six-months of my growth-filled, sometimes chaotic, nomadic life shortly. In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite pics from my Remote Year 2017.

Month 1 — India (Solo Travels)

Month 2 — Malaysia

Month 3 — Vietnam

Month 4- Cambodia

Month 5- Thailand

Month 6 — Australia, England, Netherlands & Italy (Solo Travels)

Month 7 — Portugal

The pictures may look perfect but that doesn’t mean life always is. Remember that the next time you compare yourself to someone else on social media.

Originally published at Kate Bagoy.

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